Our story / Who are we


The name “For Future India” itself shows the moto of our organisation. This is the contribution of the FFI Team towards better Nation. We are awakening the young generation for better living and to protect the environment. Pollution and development are inextricably linked. In the process of developing, nations often rely on the exploitation of natural resources in order to build up revenue. The building of mass infrastructure, another key part of development, often utilizes energy from fossil fuels as well as, serving to further pollution. Young generation should take care of environment for their balanced life in future and it will be beneficial for their next generation too. The FFI Team is working on environment's improvement, and to help needy people, and children's education, feeding and shelter for street Animals, and also working on women's self defence program as well as #Pollution #ClimateChange #SaveTheNature #SayNoToPlastic. Our founder Mr. Harshad Dhage along with his friends started beach cleanups campaign and feeding street animals.

What We Do


Conducts “Beach Cleanups” every week since January 2020, raising awareness about the plastic pollution harming aquatic life and cleaning up tons of plastic waste from the beach. At the same time, we are working on significance of “Mangroves Cleanup”. So that the coastal area remain clean from the waste coming from the sea. Under the “Street Animals” project, we do daily feeding and ensures treatment of street animals. Also we do Tree Plantation, Woman's Self Defence, Education Material Distribution, Blankets Distribution.

Vision & Mission !

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For every person living in India, India is a home that should always be kept clean, every citizen living in India is a member of my family who is committed to the basic needs of food, clothing, shelter and education. We want to aware people about responsibility towards environment. "Life is so beautiful" We are always looking forward to a bright future so that future generations can enjoy this beautiful life without any compromise.